Ulrich Howry’s Estate (1724)

Ulrich Howry, a Mennonite, was granted 150 acres at Conestoga, Pennsylvania in 1717 and enjoined to be naturalized. He died in 1723, dividing his estate between his “brethren” and his widow Barbara.

Barbara Howry’s Bond as Administrator of Wolrick Howry’s Estate
transcribed by Pat Sorenson

Know all men by these presents that wee Barbara Howry John Lampher and Edmund Carlisle ? of the County of Chester and province of Pennsylvania are held and firmly bound unto Peter Evan Register General for the probate of wills and granting letters of Administration in and for the Province of Pennsylvania in the sum of one Hundred pounds Currant mony of the province aforesaid to be paid to the Register General his certain Attorney Executor Administrator or Assigns to which payment well and truly to be made toe bind ourselves jointly and severaly for and in the whole our heirs Exe. Of Adm firmly by these presents Sealed with our Seals Dated the Second day of June Anno Dom 1724.

The condition of this obligation is such that if the above bounders Barbara Howry Adminstrator of all and Singular ye goods rights and credits of Wolrick Howry Deceased do make or cause to be made a true and perfect inventory of all the singular ye goods rights and credits of tye said Deceased which have or shall come to hands possesion or knowledge of the Said Barbara Howry or into the hands and possession of any other person or persons [hole in document] the same so made exhibit or cause to be exhibited into the Reg. off of Co. of Chester [looks like due to hole] on or before the Forth Day of Jun necessary and value given such at the time of his Death were of the said Deceased or which at all [hole] Shall come to the hands possession of knowledge of persons.

Barbara Howry or into the hands and possession of any other person or persons the same do we are truly administer according to laws and further doe make or cause to be made a true and just account of their said administration at or before the first day of June which will be in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and twenty six and all of rest and residue of said goods rights and credits which shall be found remaining upon the Adm. Account of the same being first examined and allowed of by the Orphans Court of the County of Chester shall deliver and pay unto such person and persons respectively as the said Court by its decree and sentence as the said Court by its Decree and Sentence and persuant to Law shall limitt and appoint ??? that shall hereafter appear that any Last will and Testament was made b y the Deceased by the Exe. of Executors therein named to exhibitt the same unto the Registers Office at Chester making request to have it allowed and approved of Accordingly of the Said Barbara Howry’85 .being thereunto requested do render and deliver up the s aid letter of Administration Approbation of such certain being first had ye made at the said office that then this obligation to be void or else to be and remain in full force and virtue with effect.

Sealed and Delivered in the Presence of

Fran: Worley (his mark)

Barbara Howry (her mark)

David ??? (his mark)


Edm d Cartlisle

[three wax seals]

Inventory of Wolrick Howry’s Estate
transcribed by Pat Sorenson

Inventory of the Lands and Tennements Goods and Chattles of Wolrick Howry late of Conestoga Deceased. Taken and applied by us the subscribers as they was shewed us by his widdow Barbara Howry the Twentyeth day of March Anno domini 1723/4

To 75 acres of land with all of the buildings and improvements thereon £ 20
To 1 mare and 2 colts £ 6 10
To 2 Cows and 2 Calves 4 10
To 2 young steers 2 5
To 5 piggs 15 0
To 5 yd farmming 7 6
To Sundry household goods 17 4
[Total] £ 35 5s.

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