Findagrave needs some empathy

A few days ago I wrote about how Findagrave had taken credit away from me, even though I added some close family graves first. Instead, they reversed their own algorithm in order to give credit to one of those people who compete with each other to see who can add the most memorials. A stranger. … Read more

Findagrave Shenanigans

I’m increasingly convinced Findagrave is moving toward a naked power grab of our data. I learned this week that they have no scruples about taking away “added by” credit and giving it to someone else. Dates don’t actually matter. The point of altering the facts seems to be rewarding the people who add masses of … Read more

Copyright Problems

One of the truly alarming things in life is stumbling across something you’ve written that has been re-published by someone else without attribution. I run into that all the time because I’ve been doing this so long. A while back, I had someone contact me through to suggest I add a biography to Katharine … Read more