Becoming Indian

I’ve been chuckling about this video for a few days now. the1491s. “I’m An Indian Too“. YouTube <>. Sep 21, 2012, retrieved Dec. 12, 2020. So then. When the laughing subsides for a bit, I’m ready to go on with some more reading around this topic. There’s a particularly active faux Red community on … Read more

Warren’s Cherokee Ancestry

I was at coffee with a friend a few days ago when we got mired in a debate about Elizabeth Warren. I was struck by how much misinformation I was hearing. It doesn’t need to be this hard. There is a political narrative that says Warren lied about her Cherokee ancestry. That’s a story for … Read more

Linking Religion to Ethnicity

Some interesting thoughts here. Ethnicity, language, religion, and race are not entirely independent variables. Traditional pagans won’t be surprised by that. This particular discussion reminds me of something I often hear from Jewish friends — if go back just a few generations, you run into a solid wall of orthodoxy. The ancestors of modern Jews … Read more

Scotland’s regional DNA

I’m still getting used to the new-ish research that shows ancient European populations were largely replaced by later invasions, but the most recent invasions (like the Anglo-Saxons in England) didn’t really replace the local population like we always thought they did. It takes a degree of mental agility to keep up. Now there’s some DNA … Read more

DNA Ethnicity, Problems

Whatever the definition of “ethnicity”, it does not fit comfortably into any of the present or past political boundaries of modern countries.  Here is some food for thought. James Tanner, “DNA, Genealogy, and Political Entities“, Genealogy’s Star (Sept. 19, 2019). Retrieved Oct. 16, 2019. James Tanner, “What is Ethnicity and Why Do We Care?“, Genealogy’s … Read more

Race vs Ethnicity

Masaman asks, “What’s the difference between the terms race, ethnicity, culture, ancestry, heritage, nationality and other terms that seem like they all should more or less be discussing the same thing?” I’ve written about this before, including: Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Identity, Culture & Heritage (Feb. 9, 2019). Changing Ethnicity (Feb. 20, 2019). I come back … Read more

Grandma’s Ethnicity

Grandmas Ethnicity

When I was in, oh say 3rd grade we were supposed to go home and ask our parents where our families came from. That was probably the first time in my life I ever heard about this ethnicity thing I’m always writing about. It might also be the first time I had any sense of … Read more

Changing Ethnicity

DNA Story

Both 23andme and Ancestry have recently made adjustments to their ethnicity calculations. Before I go on I have to say it makes me nuts to have everyone babbling about “ethnicity” when they really mean “ancestry.” I’m an ethnic American. More specifically an ethnic Mormon. I can be chill about it as long as I get a … Read more

Ethnic Mormons

I tell people I’m an “ethnic Mormon”. The label confuses almost everyone, and that’s why I do it. It gives me a chance to explain. My experience is that when you’re a Mormon you’re a Mormon whether you believe or not, and whether you belong to the Church or not. I was excited to see … Read more

BritainsDNA Goes Down

Many of us who delve into DNA for genealogy have the same frustration. The general public seems to have an almost childlike belief in stories. People either believe their DNA tests are telling the absolute, scientific truth, or they’re skeptics who think it’s all bunk. Comparatively few see the stories for what they are—marketing. Does … Read more