Good-bye, Mormons

Mission to Maine

When my Mormon ancestors joined the church and moved west their neighbors weren’t sorry to see them go. It was even worth a poem to celebrate them leaving. good bye to Mr. Hale, Good by to Mr. Ball,good bye to Mr. Woodruff, the greatest one of all.good bye to all the Deacons good bye to … Read more

Gathering the Tribes: Mormons from England

This little BBC piece about Mitt Romney’s Mormon ancestors captures some of the zeitgeist of the lives of many Mormon immigrants from England.Mitt Romney’s English Mormon RootsThe Mormons “believed that Jesus had visited America, and that he would return there soon.” Their message was, “Jesus is coming – he’s coming to America. We’ll help you … Read more

Historical Appellate Review

Craig Manson at GeneaBlogie has a new and interesting project, the Historical Appellate Review Project: You’ve heard the story that Great-Uncle Festus was a no-good horse thief. But was he really? Did he get a fair trial? Did he have a good lawyer or even a lawyer at all? Can his name be cleared all … Read more