Mental Maps

Mental Maps, not mind maps. Mind maps are something different. Peter Moskowitz, author of How to Kill a City, says, “A mental map is just your own personal geography of the city and all of its personal and emotional attachments.” In other words, we carry a picture of the city in our heads. It’s our … Read more

City States in America

The Ancient World had city states. Sometimes they became empires. And then when the empires collapsed they sometimes became nations. (Although–the modern ethnic nation state is more or less a late European invention.) When I was a kid, I used to imagine, particularly on car trips, that the cities around me were like ancient city … Read more

Scotland’s regional DNA

I’m still getting used to the new-ish research that shows ancient European populations were largely replaced by later invasions, but the most recent invasions (like the Anglo-Saxons in England) didn’t really replace the local population like we always thought they did. It takes a degree of mental agility to keep up. Now there’s some DNA … Read more

Scandinavian Maps

“Here are several videos that track the rise and fall of states in Scandinavia during the medieval period.“, How the borders of Scandinavia changed in the Middle Ages <

Scottish Witch Map

Here’s something to fire the imagination of genealogists in Britain and its diaspora. A map of some 3000 witches in 16th and 17th centuries Scotland. Who doesn’t have (or wish for) a Scottish witch in the family tree? “It builds on the university’s breakthrough work on the Scottish Witchcraft Survey which brought to life the … Read more

Mapping History

I love these animated maps. Ollie Bye, “The History of the World: Every Year“, YouTube (Oct. 14, 2016). Retrieved Oct. 22, 2016. Centennia Historical Atlas, “Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day“, Liveleak. Retrieved Nov. 8, 2019. Updated to add links.

World’s Genepools

DNA mapping is giving us a new look at how the past lingers in the present. “Now, for the first time, scientists have mapped the DNA of 95 different populations to see if they can paint a clearer picture of major historical events. “This incredible interactive map looks at the mixing of genes in major … Read more