Stephen Luce in Nauvoo, 1840

Stephen Luce must have been in Nauvoo in April 1840. I’m happy to have that piece nailed down.  The confusion here is from an index card in the Early Church History Information file. It says Stephen Luce was ordained a Seventy on 9 April 1840 by Wilford Woodruff. That can’t be right. Woodruff was on his … Read more

Stephen Luce on a Jury

Stephen Luce (1801-1872) served on a grand jury in Salt Lake City in 1858. There’s an interesting story there. This was at the end of the Utah War. Stephen had served in the re-activated Nauvoo Legion. He appears on a 20 July 1857 muster roll as Sgt. Stephen Luce, 3rd Platoon, Company B, of the … Read more

Utah Freighters’ Last Haul

The following is a transcript of a 1910 article about Utah freighters, including Bill Luce. Photos and photo captions are omitted. The year 1868 was known throughout this whole Rocky Mountain region as the big railroad year. The screech of the Union Pacific locomotive was heard upon the plains, and the great road was soon … Read more

A Distant Cousin visits Vinalhaven

When our Luce ancestors converted to Mormonism, they were living in Vinalhaven, Maine. Nowadays Vinalhaven means South Fox Island, but in those days it was both the north and south islands. The Luces came from North Fox Island, then part of Vinalhaven, now called North Haven. A few days ago I came across a brief … Read more

Re-baptism in the early days

In the early church members were re-baptized for several reasons. Doing genealogy, one thing I often see is that Mormon pioneers were re-baptized when they arrived in Salt Lake. For example, Stephen Luce and his mother Ruth Luce were re-baptized and confirmed 29 September 1850 by William Hicklenlooper in Salt Lake City, according to the … Read more

Mormon Reformation

According to Wikipedia, the Mormon Reformation was a period of renewed emphasis on spirituality within the LDS Church. It took place in 1856 and 1857 under the direction of Church President Brigham Young. This period of history has an indirect relevance to the Luces, who lived through it. “All pioneers who gathered to Utah Territory … Read more

Jason Luce in Nauvoo

Jason Luce was probably connected with Bill Hickman and the Danites as early as 1844, when he was 13. He seems to have been one of the young boys who operated as a spy network in Nauvoo. Joseph Smith wrote in his journal in June 1844: “Jason R. Luse reported that Ianthus Rolf said, while … Read more

Death of Stephen Luce

Over the years the only cause of death I’ve ever seen for Stephen Luce is “apoplexy”. That is, he died of what we would now call a stroke. I’ve been to his grave in City Cemetery (Plot F12), seen his red sandstone headstone (now mostly sunken), and looked at the sexton’s index cards for the … Read more

Malatiah Luce Burial

Malatiah Luce was an early Mormon convert. He died 6 February 1849, but where? Did he die in Nauvoo? Or in Salt Lake City? According to a family tradition recorded by several of Malatiah’s descendants, he died in Nauvoo. Based on that information, Malatiah’s name appears on a memorial plaque in Nauvoo. And because he … Read more

Pioneer Park

I don’t remember what year it was, but some time when I lived in Salt Lake City (1977-1987), the city was doing some work at Pioneer Park. I’ve done some searches. From what I find, it seems it must have been 1986. Construction crews were digging a foundation for a new apartment building near Pioneer … Read more