More Gunns

I’ve written about the Gunns before: Recovering the Gunn Lineage (Jan. 31, 2019), so we already know I’m an admirer of Alastair Gunn and his work putting the Gunn lineage on a firmer footing. I still haven’t done the work of cleaning up my own notes. Some day. Soon. I promise. I saw recently on … Read more

Recovering the Gunn lineage

I don’t have any known Gunn ancestry but I got interested in them a lifetime ago. Someone at the Family History Center in Salt Lake City suggested the Swanstroms, if they were originally Scottish, might have been Gunns. Actually, I think the idea was that the Swanstroms absolutely, positively had to be Gunns for a … Read more


The Gunns claimed descent from Olaf the Black, King of Man but the line has been discredited as an early mistake. The later Gunns claimed descent from Sweyn Asleifarson, a pirate who lived in the Orkney islands, but that line is also now known to be a fake. The Gunns have been called the “MacGregors … Read more