Jason Luce in Nauvoo

Jason Luce was probably connected with Bill Hickman and the Danites as early as 1844, when he was 13. He seems to have been one of the young boys who operated as a spy network in Nauvoo. Joseph Smith wrote in his journal in June 1844: “Jason R. Luse reported that Ianthus Rolf said, while … Read more

Gov. John Dawson

Third Governor Was Run Out of Utah After 3 Weeks By Will Bagley, Salt Lake Tribune (Dec. 30, 2001) Nobody ever had a worse New Year’s Eve than the Utah Territory’s third governor, John W. Dawson. Dawson, an Indiana lawyer and newspaper editor, had a tough time during the three December weeks he spent in Utah in … Read more

Daily Vedette

Excerpts from the The Daily Union Vedette (1863-1864), a Civil War newspaper published at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City.  These excerpts describe the murder of Samuel R. Bunting by Jason Luce, an associate of Bill Hickman, and Luce’s subsequent trial and execution. *** Murder.—On Monday morning last the prevalent quiet and monotony of city … Read more