Swedish Heraldic Society

I’m a sometime member of the Swedish Heraldic Society (Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen). I sort of rolled into it, from years ago when Magnus Bäckmark included my grandfather Harry Swanstrom’s coat of arms in his armorial roll at Gröna stubben. Probably about 1998, or a bit earlier. At this point I feel like I’ve known Magnus most of my adult life. I’m hoping to meet him some day.

Last summer, we traveled to San Diego to meet cousin Jonas Hildebrand from Sweden, and spend a few days getting know him and Hanna. He gave us a bottle of his homemade aquavit, with his coat of arms on it. It turns out he’s also a member of the Swedish Heraldic Society, and I’d never noticed.

The other day I was thinking it should be about time to renew my own membership. Poking around their website I came across a re-formatted page for the arms of members. I found my own listing, then also the listing for Cousin Jonas, and then, and then, and then.

  • Arms of Members“,  Svenska Heraldiska Föreningen. Retrieved Nov. 10, 2019.
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