1. Justin,
    I descend from Patrick Henry’s parents and grandparents, notably Alexander Henry and Jean Robertson, said to have been descended from the Robertsons of Muirton and Struan. I have seen numerous genealogies, but little to no documentation. I suspect some of it is correct, as most are very similar, but often the dates don’t add up and there is no documentation where the information comes from. I have seen a line in Burke’s and “Americans of Royal Descent”, but again, no documentation. Wondered if you had come across any documentation of the line presented in your Robertson descent from Robert de Atholl of Struan through Rev. William Robertson (c. 1622)? or any connection to Patrick Henry’s family. (I note you have Robert de Atholl being younger than his son Alexander.) Thanks for any insight

  2. Don’t know if you are still using this site, but believe your jean Robertson might be in the family of John Robertson c1642. This John had a son named Thomas & a daughter, I believe was your Jean Henry.
    Believe this the same family as my Robertson’s. But, can’t connect. I believe that my lineage is in the Rev. William Robertson #23. But not through Thomas ( #24 ) that is listed in Justin’s post, but another son of Rev William Robertson????

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