Phil Marincic

The guy who bought Great Grandpa Will Luce’s ranch in Big Piney, Wyoming was Phil Marincic (1899-1969). I haven’t done any research on his family, although I’ve been intending to. It says he was born in Italy. I’m surprised. Somehow I had the idea he was from Croatia, like John Radosevich. I’m also surprised he belonged to Grandma’s generation. I just assumed he was a contemporary of her father.

Edit: But now I see some sources say he was born in 1889 instead of 1899, and some sources say he was born in Yugoslavia rather than Italy. So there is more work to do.

The 1956 Wyoming Brand Book shows Michael Marincic with the LU Quarter Circle (167-23) and Donald Paul Marincic with the Flying Heart (414-36), both of which were originally Will Luce’s brands.

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