Hauri Family in Freiburg

There was a Hauri family at Freiburg-im-Breisgau, in Baden-Württemberg in the 13th century. The city belonged to the von Urach family, who were Counts of Freiburg. In 1299 a war broke out between the city and Count Egino II over the issue of taxes. The burghers fired on Schlossberg with catapults. The Count called upon … Read more

Russian Connection

Rudolf Hauri of Zofingen wrote an article in 1961 claiming that the Hauris are descendants of Hovri, a Russian merchant who settled in Switzerland in the 13th century (Rudolf Hauri, “Die Familie Hauri”, Zofinger Neujahrsblatt 1961, pp. 94-105): “Zur Zeit der grossen Völkrwanderung im 13. Jahrhundert kamen auch Kaufleute mit Namen Hovri in unsere Gegend. Diese … Read more


Anders Johansson (c1751-?), a crofter at Hallingeberg in Småland, Sweden. He married Catharina Jonasdotter (c1753-?). Johan “Jaen” Andersson (1776-?), a crofter at Bjorksnås in Dalhem. He married Anna Helena Hultsberg (1784-?), daughter of Peter Hultsberg and Christina Catharina Hammarstand. Anna Sofia Jaensdotter (1826-aft 1895) married Carl Johan Svanström, a soldier.


Svensk Strömsborg by Per Lundqvist Strömsborg är ett torp som ligger på Sundets västra kant, precis utmed gränsen till Korsbo. Det är från början byggt som undantagsstuga till knekten, när han pensionerades från sin tjänst. Men när man sålde av Sundet från frälset 1911 följde Strömsborg med i affären, men styckades 1929 ? av och blev … Read more

Name Choice

“Sancho Panza by name is my own self, if I was not changed in my cradle.” — Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra (1547-1616), Don Quixote Name Choice “Name Choice Freedom is not a new concept; it’s just that few people exercise or realize that they have such freedom. The result is that nearly every woman gives up her … Read more

Barnett Cemetery

I received the following from a Barnett researcher, but I’ve forgotten who it was. If you recognize this write-up, please let me know.  Barnett Cemetery is located on what was the original land bought by John I. Barnett in Barnett Township Section 34 and registered in 1831. It is off the road perhaps about 1/4 … Read more


According to tradition, the first Horne in America was Dutch. His father died in London, his pregnant mother made the rest of the trip to America alone, and delivered her baby in Baltimore. I have not been able to identify this unknown ancestor. The earliest proven ancestor of this family was John Horne (1736-1840), a … Read more

Hourie Family in Scotland

The Scottish Horries and Houries (Hauries, Howries) bear a similar name to the Swiss Hauris, but a relationship is unlikely. The Scottish family apparently takes its name from a farm named Horrie in the Toab district of St. Andrews parish on Orkney Mainland. The farm was part of the earldom estate. It appears in records … Read more

Hauri Family in Reinach

One branch of the Hauris came from Beromünster to Reinach about 1400. Beginning in the 1500s, members of the family were frequently mentioned as farmers and millers. Some of them were members of the local “college of judges.” Heini Hauri was Untervogt of Reinach in 1512. An Untervogt was a “Deputy Bailiff,” approximating a district governor. The … Read more


“Commit Thy Work to God” John Sinclair was captured at the Battle of Worcester in 1651, and deported to America. An article written at the turn of the century identified him with Major John Sinclair, son of Henry Sinclair of Lybster, but the identification is unlikely. Lineal Genealogy 1. George Sinclair, Earl of Caithness (c1527-1582). … Read more