Svensk Sundet by Per Lundqvist Soldattorp no 16 Sundet Sevedes kompani Kalmar regemente. Från början ett torp under frälsegården, efter laga skiftet 1843-1847 även soldattorp. Det ligger längst ned i sydöst på Ekvik utmed sjön, och på kartan 1847 finns där tre stycken byggnader. Bostadshuset ligger troligen på samma ställe som idag, men där dagens lagård … Read more

Our Mennonite Cousins

The following extracts give some account of the Mennonite Hauri family at Hirschthal in Schöftland. The wool-weaver Hans Hauri left Switzerland in 1711 with his wife and two sons. The two sons, Hans and Ulrich, immigrated to Pennsylvania about 1717. A third son, Jacob, remained in Germany. “In the 17th century Kulm became the center … Read more


The MacQuillans are an Irish sept, descended from a branch of the de Mandevilles, a Cambro-Norman who settled Ulster during the Anglo-Norman invasions under the de Courcys in the late 12th century. Their home country was in the areas of Antrim known as the Route and the Glens, with their seat at the castle of … Read more

Diary of Wilford Woodruff

Excerpts from the Diary of Wilford Woodruff, LDS Apostle and President of the Church. Wilford Woodruff (1807-1898) was an early convert to the LDS church. He was responsible for converting the Luce family to Mormonism and led their party of 53 people in 10 wagons from Maine to Nauvoo in 1838. He became an Apostle … Read more


The Bernadottes derive from a family of old lineage in Béarn, France, whose earliest known ancestor owned an estate in Pau known as Bernadotte in the 17th century. Jean-Baptiste Jules Bernadotte (1763-1844) was the son of an attorney. Bernadotte joined the army, but not being noble remained an enlisted man until the Revolution. Thereafter, he … Read more

von Reinach Family

In the 11th and 12th centuries the the Counts of Lenzburg ruled the Aargau, including the area of Beromunster and Reinach. When that family died out in 1173, the Counts of Kyburg inherited their possessions, to be succeeded after 1264 by their heirs the Counts of Habsburg. In 1273 Rudolf, Count of Habsburg was elected … Read more


The Howerys, Howrys and Howreys in America are all descendants of various immigrants from Switzerland and Germany who anglicized their surname from Hauri or Haury. The two main branches of the family in America are the Pennsylvania branch and the Virginia branch. The Pennsylvania Howerys and Howrys are descended from Hans Hauri, a wool weaver … Read more


by Dr. Peter Steiner Der Ursprung des heute vor allem im Aargau beheimateten Geschlechtes liegt im Kanton Luzern. Der erste bekannte “Houri,” taucht in den Quellen 1313 in Beromünster auf. Früh lebte das Geschlecht auch in Sursee. Von diesen Orten aus muss es sich ins Seetal (schon 1454 in Seon bezeugt), ins Wynental (1470 in … Read more


Capt. Roger Mallory (c1630-1695), of royal descent, was an early settler of Virginia. He was granted 2,314 acres in King & Queen County in 1660. He became one of the wealthiest men the Virginia Colony when he later inherited the estate of his uncle Rev. Philip Mallory. Still later, he acquired another 4,814 acres in … Read more

Daily Vedette

Excerpts from the The Daily Union Vedette (1863-1864), a Civil War newspaper published at Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City.  These excerpts describe the murder of Samuel R. Bunting by Jason Luce, an associate of Bill Hickman, and Luce’s subsequent trial and execution. *** Murder.—On Monday morning last the prevalent quiet and monotony of city … Read more