1. I read a study not that long ago that found that, at least within their sample, non-Jewish mothers of children with Jewish fathers were more likely to encourage and maintain Jewish traditions in their households than Jewish mothers were, basically because they felt the pressure so much and overcompensated for it by really pushing every observance and custom even when the fathers didn’t care and Jewish mothers in the same situation found the matters not as important as others.  Contrary to Pew, obviously, but it matches far more closely to the intermarried families I personally know.  Also, the only Jewish friends of mine who are very outspoken against intermarriage?  Converts.

  2. Seems about right, from what I can see. Intermarriage is a fact of life. Find ways to deal with it, or assimilate. I listened to a talk recently that said the biggest single predictor of assimilated, intermarried or not, is whether the kids go to a Jewish summer camp. Maybe, but I wonder if the real factor might be that the parents care enough to send the kids to a Jewish summer camp.

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