More on Gallop

A few months ago Stephen Plowman wrote about the Gallop coat of arms as recorded in the 1677 Visitation of Dorset.  It’s an interesting topic for me because I’m a descendant of immigrant Capt. John Gallop (c1593-1650) — like so many other Americans. Now Plowman is back with more on the Gallops. This time the question is … Read more

Ancestor Worship

Short version: blood doesn’t count. What matters is spiritual connection. You have many ancestors and they had many different belief systems. You aren’t heathen because your ancestors were heathen. That way of thinking disrespects both your ancestors and your path. You are not your ancestors. You can’t be them, you can’t think like them, your … Read more

Phil Marincic

The guy who bought Great Grandpa Will Luce’s ranch in Big Piney, Wyoming was Phil Marincic (1899-1969). I haven’t done any research on his family, although I’ve been intending to. It says he was born in Italy. I’m surprised. Somehow I had the idea he was from Croatia, like John Radosevich. I’m also surprised he … Read more

John Radosevich

The guy who bought the Swanstrom place in Farson, Wyoming was John Radosevich (1908-1986). He was born in Croatia and came to America as a child. He was part of an extensive family who settled in Rock Springs. I can’t remember when that was. Maybe 1966 or 1967.

Mabel (Eberle) Romish

Grandma Vivian Swanstrom’s best friend from nursing school, and maybe earlier, was Mabel Eberle. It was Mabel who went on the day trip to Rawlins on the day Grandma and Grandpa ended up getting married. Over the years, in the back of my mind, I always kind of wondered what happened to Mabel. I thought … Read more

Weaving Wyrd

The energy of certain places is a real thing. “Sometimes, whether created intentionally or not, certain locations can exude a ‘bad’ or malicious energy imprint within the wyrd fabric of a location or place. “These energies can be human or wight generated, and can be so strong, its bad Hamingja can actually attach to unsuspecting … Read more

Cowboy Paganism

For American Westerners like me it’s going to be cowboy paganism. Nothing else makes sense. Everywhere else in the world neo-paganism is linked to place. Only Americans seem to think it can be heritage only. Now and then I get flashes of what cowboy paganism would look like. Here’s one glimpse: Hopi Origin Story | … Read more

Use Your Phone for Negatives

From Janet Maydem at Family History Daily: Wouldn’t it be nice to see what’s really on all those old family photo negatives or slides you’ve been carefully collecting and storing? If so, you might be ready to try out a negative scanner app (also known as a film scanner app). These free apps are designed … Read more

Hard On Equipment

I participate in a genealogy community where I often end up working with this woman EH. She’s not a particularly good genealogist. In fact, she’s quite awful. Her confidence in her own abilities far exceeds anything rational, but that doesn’t stop her from having an opinion about anything and everything. Everyone loves her, though. She’s … Read more

Pete Catches

Pete Catches was my dad’s “blood brother” (hunka). More Information 10 Sacred Native American Places (Feb 27, 2017), at, visited Aug. 8, 2019. From the Grand Canyon, to the little known eerie Black Hills, these are 10 Sacred Native American Places ! Art In Motion presents Lakota Medicine Man Pete Catches: “Walks With Fire” … Read more