Mapping History

I love these animated maps. Ollie Bye, “The History of the World: Every Year“, YouTube (Oct. 14, 2016). Retrieved Oct. 22, 2016. Centennia Historical Atlas, “Map of Europe: 1000 AD to present day“, Liveleak. Retrieved Nov. 8, 2019. Updated to add links.

Not One Drop of Blood But What Is American

John Adams (1735-1826), President and Patriot, gave the following account of his ancestry:  “One of the foreign Ambassadors said to me, You have been often in England. — Never but once in November and December 1783. You have Relations in England no doubt. — None at all. — None how can that be? You are … Read more

Swanström Arms

    Traditional arms, assumed about 1918(Design by Magnus Backmark) Descendants of Adolf Swanström The Swanström arms were assumed (I believe) during or shortly after World War I, perhaps about 1918, and certainly before 1942 by my great uncle Hugo Ferdinand Swanström (1886-1971). The arms might be older than I know. No records exist of … Read more

American Heraldry Society

American Heraldry Society

Back in 2003 I was one of three founding members of the American Heraldry Society, with David Boven and Cory McHenry. Those were the days. As I recall, the Society grew out of discussions in an online forum. One of the usenet groups, I think. Probably rec.heraldry. In the beginning David was our President, I … Read more

Interview with Grandma Hazel

The other day on someone contacted me about a cassette they found in an old camcorder at a garage sale in Laramie. The tape turned out to be an interview my Aunt Bunny did with her mother, my grandfather’s wife, in 2005. What a wonderful find. I had no idea the tape existed. Neither … Read more