Soda Pop

The Colorado Rockies aren’t doing so well in the World Series. First time there, maybe last time. Our boys are losing 6-5 as I write. Less humiliating than losing 13-1, as they did in the first game. I tried without luck to get tickets to today’s game. Even losing, I wish I had. The stadium … Read more

New Certificates

Got my new certificates from Oxford Ancestors. Pretty to look at, but they don’t really change the fact that my results are being revised in part because of sloppy lab work. Take a look:

Battle of Agincourt

Today is the anniversary of the Battle of Agincourt. I love this day (but don’t tell Laura). On this day in 1415, some 900 stout-hearted Englishmen defeated the flower of French chivalry. On the French side, some 7,000 dead and some 1,500 taken prisoner. On the English side, a mere 100 dead. The numbers are … Read more

Not a Change, Really

I’ve been poking into the reasons why my 1998 mtDNA test at Oxford Ancestors produced a different result than a 2007 test at FamilyTree DNA. FTDNA is standing by their results. Rebekah Canada on the Genealogy-DNA Mailing List assures me, “These days FTDNA tests for the V SNP in the coding region. If they say … Read more


We were in Wichita over the weekend for a nephew’s wedding. One of the highlights of the trip for me was a night in Lindsborg aka Little Sweden USA. I’ve ordered Swedish chotchkies from Anderson Butik for over 20 years, but never thought that I’d be anywhere near the source. Not only was it on … Read more

A Royal Descent

I’ve been bugging my brother-in-law for details of his genealogy for years now. He knows a few bits and pieces, but isn’t really interested in the subject other than to remind me that he belongs to the same Middleton family as the signer of the Declaration of Independence. It’d be nice to have some details … Read more

Reconstructing the Family Tree

I missed Lesley Stahl’s piece “On The Hopes And Limitations Of Genetic Genealogy” on 60 Minutes yesterday. Fortunately, CBS put it online: Rebuilding The Family Tree.

Changing mtDNA

When you order a DNA test, even if you don’t really think about it, you expect that the results will stay the same over time. Sure, geneticists might re-classify or re-label the result, but the actual physical result will be the same. Not so, it seems. I had an mtDNA test at Oxford Ancestors in … Read more

Seven Daughters of Eve

I received this replacement certificate from Oxford Ancestors in October 2007. It shows my place in the Velda clan (Haplogroup V2), as well as the relative size and relationship of the seven European clans. Interpreting your DNA sequence Your certificate shows a read-out of your DNA sequence (in purple) and, above it, a chart of … Read more