von Reinach Family

In the 11th and 12th centuries the the Counts of Lenzburg ruled the Aargau, including the area of Beromunster and Reinach. When that family died out in 1173, the Counts of Kyburg inherited their possessions, to be succeeded after 1264 by their heirs the Counts of Habsburg. In 1273 Rudolf, Count of Habsburg was elected … Read more

Hauri Family in Reinach

One branch of the Hauris came from Beromünster to Reinach about 1400. Beginning in the 1500s, members of the family were frequently mentioned as farmers and millers. Some of them were members of the local “college of judges.” Heini Hauri was Untervogt of Reinach in 1512. An Untervogt was a “Deputy Bailiff,” approximating a district governor. The … Read more