My grandmother Vivian Luce Swanstrom would have been 106 today. I remember her fondly every year on her birthday.

Tartan Samples

Swanstrom Tartan

As part of the tartan registration process, we have to submit a woven sample. This requirement is intended to insure that every registered design will be woven, not remain just a design concept. We ordered our sample from Molly Manaugh. Actually, I ordered an extra for myself, just to have. I got the tartan samples … Read more

Swanstrom tartan

We have preliminary approval for the Swanstrom tartan from the Scottish Tartan Authority. Now, we need to get it woven. Swanstrom Tartan, No. 7222, Scottish Tartan Authority. Revised Oct. 29, 2019 to add link.


The Svanströms were soldiers, crofters and tailors in and around Gärdserum and Ukna in the county of Kalmar in Småland, Sweden. The earliest known ancestor of the family is Petter Jönsson Cavat, an infantry soldier who was taken prisoner by the Prussians at the Battle of Demmin and never returned to Sweden. He was probably … Read more

Swedish Soldiers

Sweden was once one of the superpowers of Europe but by 1672, when Carl XI came of age, its power was beginning to decline. The country was too poor to maintain the troops it needed to defend its borders. It had become a client state of France and was expending its energies in foreign wars … Read more

Diary of Esther Swanstrom

transcribed by Margaret (Porter) Riley Thursday, April 3rd 1913 I am at home once more and very happy to be here although my trip was enjoyable all the way through. I came from Piney to Dunhame yesterday and Bert brought me from there home to-day on horseback. Poor Bert I am sure that his shoulder ached after … Read more

Swanström Coat of Arms

The Swanström coat of arms was assumed (I believe) during or shortly after World War I, perhaps about 1918, and certainly before 1942 by my great uncle Hugo Ferdinand Swanström (1886-1971). The arms might be older. No records exist of the arms assumed and borne by Swedish commoners, so the arms could have come down … Read more


Svensk Sundet by Per Lundqvist Soldattorp no 16 Sundet Sevedes kompani Kalmar regemente. Från början ett torp under frälsegården, efter laga skiftet 1843-1847 även soldattorp. Det ligger längst ned i sydöst på Ekvik utmed sjön, och på kartan 1847 finns där tre stycken byggnader. Bostadshuset ligger troligen på samma ställe som idag, men där dagens lagård … Read more


Svensk Strömsborg by Per Lundqvist Strömsborg är ett torp som ligger på Sundets västra kant, precis utmed gränsen till Korsbo. Det är från början byggt som undantagsstuga till knekten, när han pensionerades från sin tjänst. Men när man sålde av Sundet från frälset 1911 följde Strömsborg med i affären, men styckades 1929 ? av och blev … Read more

Swanström Brand

In heraldic terms, a cattle brand is a badge. The Swanström brand, H Lazy S, was first registered in 1914 with the Wyoming State Livestock Commission by my grand uncle, Hugo Swanström, of Marbleton, Wyoming. He probably had registered the brand a decade earlier with officials in Sublette County. When he moved to California, he … Read more