When Grandma Ran Away

Grandma Vivian (Luce) Swanstrom ran away from home when she was 25. Her parents had great ambitions for her, but she had other ideas. They sent her to finishing school in Denver, but she didn’t like it. She came home to the ranch at Big Piney after the first semester, and refused to go back. … Read more

20 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Family History


With the full majesty of the New York Public Library, one of my favorite spots on Earth, here are 20 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Family History by Carmen Nigro, Managing Research Librarian, Milstein Division of U.S. History, Local History & Genealogy, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (February 9, 2015). When I lived in New … Read more


Having just finished writing about tomatoes, I couldn’t find a place to sneak a quick bit about cantaloupes. Talking to Mom yesterday, she was reminiscing about how much Daddy liked salt on everything. And he didn’t much like sugar because when he was growing up he drowned in sweets from his German mother. That’s why … Read more


Laura and I don’t like tomatoes. Is it genetic? Probably not. It does, however, puzzle Mom. Mom loves tomatoes. She told me yesterday that when she was pregnant with me she craved them. Her dad would buy them for her. She learned to eat them in sections, so they didn’t drip. I joked that maybe … Read more

St. Mark’s Lutheran

St Marks

I was sad to hear St. Mark’s Lutheran Church in Provo has closed. Or, not exactly closed but the property is sold, there are houses where the church used to be, and the congregation is now meeting at some event center up north. A casualty of being a religious minority in Utah Valley. This was … Read more