Solutrean Hypothesis

Here’s an argument against the Solutrean Hypothesis. I’ve been meaning to look for something like this. The Solutrean Hypothesis is that one wave of prehistoric migration to the Americas came from Europe, the people perhaps traveling in boats along a northern “coast” of sea ice. I like the idea. The experts do not. It’s one … Read more

Scotland’s regional DNA

I’m still getting used to the new-ish research that shows ancient European populations were largely replaced by later invasions, but the most recent invasions (like the Anglo-Saxons in England) didn’t really replace the local population like we always thought they did. It takes a degree of mental agility to keep up. Now there’s some DNA … Read more

Your Past is in Your Bones

From Jacqueline Kehoe: “When I first visited a year ago, I felt an intense sense of home. These streets I had never walked, these smells my nose shouldn’t recognize, this terra incognita — it all seemed strangely familiar and comforting. But how is that possible? I have Norwegian heritage, sure, but generations back. What makes … Read more

DNA Ethnicity, Problems

Whatever the definition of “ethnicity”, it does not fit comfortably into any of the present or past political boundaries of modern countries.  Here is some food for thought. James Tanner, “DNA, Genealogy, and Political Entities“, Genealogy’s Star (Sept. 19, 2019). Retrieved Oct. 16, 2019. James Tanner, “What is Ethnicity and Why Do We Care?“, Genealogy’s … Read more

Modern Frauds

When I think of genealogical frauds I usually think about those quirky amateur genealogies published in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Lofty connections with little or no evidence. Lots of oral history. Then too, I think of the defenders of this old material. Generally people who fulfilled the requirements for a high school diploma … Read more

Stonehenge DNA

Our world is shifting. Once upon a time we thought humans spread from Africa, eventually reached and spread through Europe, then settled down to several millennia of farming — punctuated by invasions and population movements in historic times that are more or less known.  Well, we didn’t exactly think that, but if you didn’t take … Read more

An Ancient Plague

Something happened to Europe’s Neolithic farmers. These people had largely displaced the old hunter gatherer population in many places. Then, 5 or 6 thousand years ago they began to decline themselves. Some people have suggested they were displaced by invaders from the steppe. That has been my preferred theory. Other people think they just moved … Read more

Haplogroup Nations

My old haplogroup posts are so out of date I ought to hunt them down and delete them. I don’t do it because I (still) like the idea of coming across them them now and then and being reminded what the world was like. This map is not the most rigorous replacement I could find … Read more

BritainsDNA Goes Down

Many of us who delve into DNA for genealogy have the same frustration. The general public seems to have an almost childlike belief in stories. People either believe their DNA tests are telling the absolute, scientific truth, or they’re skeptics who think it’s all bunk. Comparatively few see the stories for what they are—marketing. Does … Read more

Jews in the New World, II

We’ve seen this idea, now very common, that many Hispanos in the American Southwest have crypto-Jewish ancestry. The evidence for this exotic ancestry is weak. The story seems to be a relatively recent phenomenon, and there is some reason to believe it might have its roots in the 19th and 20th century Seventh Day Adventists. … Read more