LARPing tribalism

I don’t understand the reason so many modern heathens and neo-pagans are drawn to fantasies of re-creating antique tribalism. I don’t think they understand the idea of tribes. That’s why I see it as LARPing. Our ancestors used tribe as a synonym for ethnicity and nationality. The Saxons were a tribe; the Franks were a … Read more

Burden of Proof

Some people just love fakes. When I was working on medieval genealogies at I was bowled over by the number of people willing to go to the mat for information they found online or got from Grandma. No other evidence to back it up. Most often their reasoning was something along the lines of … Read more

Indians and Polynesians

I think we could file this one under “proving the obvious”. Some South American Indians share DNA with some Polynesians. And the connection goes back way before European contact. I was a fan of Thor Heyrdahl when I was a kid. I must’ve read Kon-Tiki a dozen times. That’s the one where he built a … Read more

Website Status

July 1, 2020 I have now brought in two more old websites — and It will take some time to get everything cleaned up again but this should be the last of the web fragments I intend to import. October 18, 2019 Website should be up and functional, although many broken links remain. … Read more