Pioneer Park

I don’t remember what year it was, but some time when I lived in Salt Lake City (1977-1987), the city was doing some work at Pioneer Park. I’ve done some searches. From what I find, it seems it must have been 1986. Construction crews were digging a foundation for a new apartment building near Pioneer … Read more

Scottish Witch Map

Here’s something to fire the imagination of genealogists in Britain and its diaspora. A map of some 3000 witches in 16th and 17th centuries Scotland. Who doesn’t have (or wish for) a Scottish witch in the family tree? “It builds on the university’s breakthrough work on the Scottish Witchcraft Survey which brought to life the … Read more

Moniac Problems

I just finished this wonderful book, Independence Lost. Like the rest of America, I’m used to reading and hearing about the American Revolution in terms of people in New England and Virginia. Events elsewhere are just part of an unimportant periphery. I read somewhere that we forget only 13 of the 22 British colonies in … Read more

Fremont Village

They found this ancient Fremont village long after I left Salt Lake, but it’s not too far from one of the places I lived. The Fremont people were related to the Cliff Dwellers (Anasazi, Ancestral Pueblo, whatever we’re calling them now), further south. And like the Cliff Dwellers, the Fremont culture seems to have collapsed … Read more

Race vs Ethnicity

Masaman asks, “What’s the difference between the terms race, ethnicity, culture, ancestry, heritage, nationality and other terms that seem like they all should more or less be discussing the same thing?” I’ve written about this before, including: Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Identity, Culture & Heritage (Feb. 9, 2019). Changing Ethnicity (Feb. 20, 2019). I come back … Read more

Warmed by the Sun

One of the things I enjoy about John Frawley is that he is connected philosophically to Neoplatonism, as of course a proper astrologer would be. Not for him the lightweight philosophy of modernism. In The Real Astrology Frawley says, “God too, from enfolding the cosmos, has been pushed out to some infinite distance, where He … Read more

Uncle Brother Joseph

The Luces have a connection to Joseph Smith and Brigham Young. Or maybe I should say we have a connection to Uncle Joe and Uncle Brigham. The connection goes through Annie Quarmby (1842-1904), the wife of Wilford Woodruff Luce. Annie was born in England and came to America as a baby. Her father died at … Read more

Early Black Mormons: Joseph Ball

When I was first researching the early Luce converts to Mormonism, I wanted to focus on primary sources rather than just repeating the same stories. I already knew the Luces were converted to Mormonism by Wilford Woodruff during his 1838 mission to Maine. And that’s almost true. Actually, when Wilford Woodruff arrived at Vinalhaven, Maine … Read more