Lazy Man’s Guide

Golas quote

I wonder how many people remember Lazy Man’s Guide to Enlightenment? I think I bought my first copy when it was brand new, at the head shop on North Avenue in Grand Junction. I would have been 16. Over the years I’ve bought and given away so many copies I’ve lost track. This passage has … Read more

20 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Family History


With the full majesty of the New York Public Library, one of my favorite spots on Earth, here are 20 Reasons Why You Should Write Your Family History by Carmen Nigro, Managing Research Librarian, Milstein Division of U.S. History, Local History & Genealogy, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building (February 9, 2015). When I lived in New … Read more

Making Sacred Land

Just the other day I was writing about American pagans tying themselves to ancestral European ethnic paganisms. I expressed skepticism. Surely cultural heritage belongs (mostly?) to the people whose own national heritage it is. More, anyway, than to the people whose ancestral heritage it is. (If you’re not following that summary, this is not the … Read more

Julius Evola

I generally like Tom Rowsell. Keeping in mind that he’s operating as a advocate for his particular views. Sometimes, though. He goes over the line. I hoped this one might give a more nuanced view of Julius Evola. Nope. It’s a lot of “begging the question” and “straw man arguments”. Rowsell gets so agitated he’s … Read more

An Ancient Plague

Something happened to Europe’s Neolithic farmers. These people had largely displaced the old hunter gatherer population in many places. Then, 5 or 6 thousand years ago they began to decline themselves. Some people have suggested they were displaced by invaders from the steppe. That has been my preferred theory. Other people think they just moved … Read more

Sons of Day

Brünnhilde greets the day by Arthur Rackham (1911)

The only surviving prayer to the Norse gods appears in the Sigrdrífumál. Hail, day!Hail, sons of day!And night and her daughter now!Look on us herewith loving eyes,That waiting we victory win. Hail to the gods!Ye goddesses, hail,And all the generous earth!Give to us wisdomand goodly speech,And healing hands, life-long. This is Henry Bellows’ 1936 translation. … Read more

Grandma’s Ethnicity

Grandmas Ethnicity

When I was in, oh say 3rd grade we were supposed to go home and ask our parents where our families came from. That was probably the first time in my life I ever heard about this ethnicity thing I’m always writing about. It might also be the first time I had any sense of … Read more

Luce Brands

Cattle branding

My great grandfather Wilford Luce was a rancher near Big Piney, Wyoming. I came across this little clipping I pulled from the local paper back in the days when brands were recorded at the county level and published periodically as an aid to identification and protection. Grandpa Luce worked for A. W. Smith on the … Read more

Changing Ethnicity

DNA Story

Both 23andme and Ancestry have recently made adjustments to their ethnicity calculations. Before I go on I have to say it makes me nuts to have everyone babbling about “ethnicity” when they really mean “ancestry.” I’m an ethnic American. More specifically an ethnic Mormon. I can be chill about it as long as I get a … Read more