Indo-Europeans Re-Defined

The Indo-Europeans were a patriarchal people from the steppes, said Marija Gimbutas. Not so, said Colin Renfrew. They came up from the Middle East with the spread of agriculture. This debate was famous. I don’t remember the world before. Renfrew had the mojo. The science types sided with him. Gimbutas was a whack-job. She was … Read more

Norse gods

Tuisto’s name means “twin” or “twice” (perhaps from the Proto-Germanic *twis). Was he the same as Ymir? Or Ymir’s twin? There’s no agreement but Grim suggests they were twins. Ymir is the father of Bolthorn, who is father of Mimir and Bestla. Tuisto aka Buri is the father of Mannus aka Bor who married Bestla. … Read more