Seidhr for me

I’m not really so naive that I don’t see the connections I touched on in my entry Seidhr today, August 5, 2004. My (American Indian) connection to ravens and those dreams about flying horses that haunted me for so many years have parallels in Norse religion. I can never bring myself to be fully candid … Read more

Freyja and Frigga

I’ve been thinking about the construction and survival of myth. I don’t think there’s any argument that myths change over time, and that the myths of any particular culture in the form we have them are not the only forms that ever existed. They are merely the only forms that survived. In fact, the more … Read more

One big family

Everyone has trillions of ancestors. If you’ve never thought about this before, it might come as a surprise. Nevertheless, the number of ancestors doubles each generation back. You have two parents, four grandparents, eight great grandparents, and so on. Assuming an average of 25 years per generation, if you were born about 1950 you would … Read more

Settling into NRR

And now, Athanasios’ announcement that he has appointed Galerius Aurelianus and me as pontifices in The New Roman Republic. I’m still in Nova Roma, and I’m pretty sure that Celetrus is too. NRR is a much smaller, much newer group. Very similar concept to NR, but without the strong personalities at loggerheads that makes life … Read more

Understanding the Norse gods

When I have a day to myself, as I did today, I play with the computer and generally poke around the web in search of interesting problems connected with being pagan. Today it was the genealogy of the Norse gods. The past few weeks, I’ve been thinking about a book about Norse myths I had … Read more

Role-playing Romans

Some of the people I talk to criticize Nova Roma as a role playing game. I’m not fond of some of the games played in Nova Roma, and I would agree that the organization is foundering for lack of a common vision, but I don’t agree that it is a role playing game. The three … Read more


The subject of sacrifice quickly leads to heated debate among practitioners of the religio, with each side accusing the other of bad faith. I’m inclined to think that animal sacrifice is a barbaric relic, but others disagree with me. There is some justification, I think, for looking to Hellenistic practice, as well as Roman and … Read more

Deliriant isti Romani

Those who read my journal are aware that I’ve been discussing Nova Roma’s role in the religio with various folks. The question that has really bothered me is whether having a state of some sort is a sine qua non of restoring the religio. I don’t think it is. In Roma Antiqua, worship was both … Read more

A primer on the domestic religio

I’ve been plaguing my chum Ursus77 with questions about his practice of the religio. Today, I see that he’s written a very interesting primer, anticipating the next dozen or so questions I was going to be asking him: Q&A on the Religio: If anyone is expecting me to abandon my romanitas any time soon, … Read more

Halls of my ancestors

When I die, I expect to be reunited with my ancestors in their halls “on the other side.” For many of my friends, that doesn’t come as any surprise, but I think it bears some elaboration. I have a lifelong interest in genealogy, as well as pre-Christian religions. No surprise then that my polytheist journey … Read more