Updated L43 Chart

As more men take the Big Y the phylogenetic charts get more and more detailed. Somehow no one close to the Hauris ever tests but enough men around us test that we get more and more structure to the surrounding tree.

Here’s our updated L43/L42 chart for February 2019. Here you can see the Hauris have moved back to being a node under Y11074. We have so very many shared SNPs with people on the Y11076 branch it’s amazing we don’t belong under there. I remain skeptical about that, but each iteration of the data makes it increasingly likely I’m wrong.

Haplogroup L43 Phylogeny
Haplogroup L43 Phylogeny

Having trouble viewing the chart? You can see a better copy in the
G-L497 Y-DNA project at Family Tree DNA. These charts are developed by Rolf Langland, one of the Admins of that project.

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