Tribal Heathenry

What makes Tribal Heathenry so different from Neo-pagan Germanic organizations such as Odinism and Ásatrú? What does it stand for, and what are the main objectives of this movement within Heathenism?

This video points out what should be obvious–neo-pagan reconstructionism is not the same as historical re-creation or re-enactment. I’m not so sure I haven’t been guilty of that myself. We are not, or should not, be re-creating the past. We’re not doing cosplay. We’re not building a religion. Our goal should be to understand the world view of the past and bring it into the present. (See the difference?)

Our ancestors were life affirming. They lived in the world as they knew it. Before they invented other afterlives, when they died, they died into the landscape, to be here still.

We have that living spiritual world all around us. Our focus should be the community, not the gods; a community that includes the ancestors and genii loci. We should be looking for our spiritual allies among the people who had a reason in life to help us.

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