An Iron Collar Around His Neck


Battle of Culloden, 16 April 1746. It was the end the Jacobite Rebellion, the end of the Stuart dynasty, and in many ways the beginning of the modern era. After the battle, 3,470 people were prisoners of the English. Of these, 936 were transported to the colonies, 222 were banished, 120 were executed, 88 died … Read more


“By Faith and Fortitude” The Shaws were one of the principal branches of the Clan Mackintosh, a branch in turn of the Earls of Fife, and ultimately of the old royal family of Dalriada. The name Mackintosh derives from Mac-an-toiseach (son of the commander). The first chief was Shaw Macduff, second son of Duncan Macduff, Earl of … Read more