Hard On Equipment

I participate in a genealogy community where I often end up working with this woman EH. She’s not a particularly good genealogist. In fact, she’s quite awful. Her confidence in her own abilities far exceeds anything rational, but that doesn’t stop her from having an opinion about anything and everything. Everyone loves her, though. She’s … Read more

Rootsweb is back

Rootsweb is back up after 18 months in the toilet. I’m not cheering. The whole thing was mismanaged start to finish. It took them 18 months. Let that sink in. Rootsweb is one of the old guard of genealogy websites that host user-contributed data. When Ancestry bought Rootsweb in 2000 they promised to take good … Read more

Copyright Problems

One of the truly alarming things in life is stumbling across something you’ve written that has been re-published by someone else without attribution. I run into that all the time because I’ve been doing this so long. A while back, I had someone contact me through Findagrave.com to suggest I add a biography to Katharine … Read more