Truth about Kilts

“Today, a man’s pride in his Scottish heritage is often asserted by wearing a kilt made of his clan tartan—a fabric woven with the specific plaid pattern that is claimed by his family. You might assume with kilts being such an important piece of Scottish tradition that the clan tartans are several millennia old, or … Read more

Swanstrom tartan

We have preliminary approval for the Swanstrom tartan from the Scottish Tartan Authority. Now, we need to get it woven. Swanstrom Tartan, No. 7222, Scottish Tartan Authority. Revised Oct. 29, 2019 to add link.

Old Version of Lore

Every now and then I come across one of the more obscure texts, something a bit more varied than the standard fare of heathen history. Today, I was reading through some of the articles about the y-DNA tests that recently proved a common origin for the MacDonalds, MacDougals and related clans. I was particularly interested … Read more