Proto-Indo-European Deities

I know I wrote about Proto-Indo-European (PIE) gods and goddesses, some time, some where, but I can’t find it now, so I’m going to throw up this quick sketch while I try to remember what I might have said.

I have a post “Spread of the Indo-Europeans” (2015) over at Swan Knight, but that’s not what I’m remembering. At one of the predecessor sites to this site I had a fairly lengthy post about the main deities, and their analogs in Roman and Norse cultures.

Here, for now, I’m just going to link Ceisiwr Serith’s video about the deities. He covers them in more detail than I would have.

One caution here–because it’s so often a source of misunderstanding–this whole thing is an academic construction. European adventurers in the 16th century noticed similarities between widely spread languages. Different cultures across Europe, Iran, and India used similar words for the same thing.

Scholars working in the field of linguistics (really “philology“) eventually lumped these languages into a group they called “Indo-European“. Indo-European is a language family, not a race. It’s the ancestral Indo-Europeans, the group we call Proto-Indo-Europeans, who were a tribe or culture. Modern cultures and individuals who speak an Indo-European language might or might not be descended from the Proto-Indo-Europeans.

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