Home As Cult Place

I’ve been meaning to blog about this presentation by Luke Murphy for quite a while. It shifts the emphasis away from the grand public cults toward the localized household cult. I wish I could find a better link, but this seems to be the only option.

If you prefer reading, here is another of his papers on the same topic, but in written form.

I believe we now have enough information to propose a working model of pre-Christian household religion in the Nordic Late Iron Age: on the basis of the evidence examined in this article, such cult is best regarded as expressing the religiosity of a particular small-scale, localised social unit – the household (see Figure 2). It was typically, but not always, performed in or near the dwelling of this household; appears to have been dedicated more often to localised supranatural beings (including ancestral spirits) than to more widely-known deities; seems to have offered more significant roles for women as cult specialists and leaders than other pre-Christian Nordic religion\s; and seems to have been more common in the autumn and winter than during the spring and summer.

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