Ancestors and Personal Power

In traditional East Asian forms of witchcraft and ceremonial magic, connection to your ancestral lineage hs always been expressed as kind of a requirement. Real talk, right? Historically and culturally, ancestors are always involved. . . . When you do anything at all, it’s got to be on behalf of your ancestors or in the name of your ancestors, You talk to them. You ask them for advice. You, like, feed them, too.

And not just East Asia, but all over the world.

There is this belief in a correlation of some kind, a connection between your closeness to your ancestors and your personal power. The enduring wealth of family dynasties are explained through ancestral connections. Decline and a downfall of a family’s collected power is explained by a lack of or broken ancestor connections.

There are many interesting pieces here. The place of adopted children in the family. How ancestral lines can be damaged. How they can be healed. How to create an ancestral altar.

I got a chuckle out of a comment about offerings at the ancestral altar. Just like Mom or Dad loves your gift even when you really got them the wrong thing, your ancestors react the same way. They like that you did something, even if it’s not quite right.

And now, I can’t resist adding a different point of view here. Mambo Sandy says, “Every ancestor don’t like your ass.” Good point, and some sane advice from what is probably my favorite YouTube video of all time.

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