A troubled republic

Celetrus has resigned as Consul and as a citizen of The New Roman Republic, explaining , “I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that the Religio Publica cannot be reinstated as a State religion by a ‘virtual’ nation.”

Although I am not fully persuaded by his reasoning, I had a nightmare last night in which I was tormented by infidelity. That’s all I remember. Having asked the guidance of the gods before going to bed, it was enough to warn me that I might be going beyond the point where I’m comfortable. Until I understand where I’m headed, it would be impious for me to go forward. I cannot take an oath I might not be able to keep. Therefore, I’ve stepped aside as Pontiff in New Roman Republic. If I can work through my reservations, I will apply again later, but probably in Nova Roma.

I found and joined another very interesting group last night: Temple of the Religio Romana. Unlike Nova Roma and New Roman Republic, their project is to restore the religio without the apparatus of a state.

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