A primer on the domestic religio

I’ve been plaguing my chum Ursus77 with questions about his practice of the religio. Today, I see that he’s written a very interesting primer, anticipating the next dozen or so questions I was going to be asking him:

Q&A on the Religio: www.livejournal.com/users/ursus77/45225.html

If anyone is expecting me to abandon my romanitas any time soon, it’s not gonna happen. For one thing, I’ve spent many years moving toward a Roman style of practice, and if I begin to drift away now the process will also take many years. For another, my basic philosophical orientation is Stoic, and that’s not likely to change whatever adjustments I might make in other areas. Really though, I just prefer the simple dignity of Roman ritual formulae to the alternatives I’ve seen. My practice is likely to retain a Roman flavor for many years into the future.

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