New mtDNA Test

I decided recently to have a Full mtDNA test at Family Tree DNA (FTDNA). This is something I’ve been putting off. I had the HVR1 test at Oxford Ancestors in 1998, and another at FTDNA in 2007. In between, I also donated a blood sample to BYU. Those results ended up at the now defunct Sorenson Molecular Genetics (SMGF).

I don’t have enough matches to make this more detailed test useful. No one is going to make a genealogical breakthrough by comparing results with me. I belong to Haplogroup V2, a common British group, perhaps with origins in Doggerland.

This full test gave me nothing new. I was (predicted) V2 at FTDNA, now I’m confirmed. But I was already confirmed V2 at SMGF. No new subgroup. I got a few new matches, that’s it.

But, I might need to back off a bit. I have my DNA results uploaded at WikiTree. They have mangled my maternal line–and they’ve been quite insulting about it. I probably need to pull my results so the link isn’t leading other researchers astray. What part of no evidence means no evidence? WikiTree does a hard sales pitch about requiring evidence. It’s even in the Honor Code. But when it comes to unsourced and inaccurate data, nothing can be done. They just shrug. Oh well. It’s not like evidence matters in genealogy.

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