Website Status

July 1, 2020

I have now brought in two more old websites — and It will take some time to get everything cleaned up again but this should be the last of the web fragments I intend to import.

October 18, 2019

Website should be up and functional, although many broken links remain. I’m shifting content related to neo-paganism to a different site, and plan to shift the Hauri yDNA material also back to its own website.

February 1, 2019

As expected, I’m pretty much done with the site remodeling now. There are still some broken links. I’ll be working on those as time permits.

January 12, 2019

This site has been torn up for a few months now. It’s probably fair to ask what exactly it is that I’m doing.

The short answer is that I’m doing some cleanup and re-arranging. New template. Converting some pages to posts. Tweaking the categories and tags. Just normal clean up stuff. I think the last time I did any of that was 2008.

The longer answer is that I’ve had a website pretty much continuously since 1996, and some preliminary efforts for a few years before that. I’ve had accounts like Under A Western Sky and Made in America, then the same accounts on And, I’ve used a variety of domain names, including,,,, and, and many blogs, including, blogspot.

What I’m doing now is collecting together the pieces that have survived my periodic purges and bringing them all together under one domain. I think I did that in 2003. 2008, and 2013. Seems to be a habit.

As I reorganize this site I’m thinking about what kind of copyright restrictions to apply. I’d like to use a Creative Commons license, but based on what I’ve seen on other sites I have substantial reservations. See my post about Copyright Considerations for some of my thoughts on that.

This has been taking longer than expected, but I’m making progress. I’ve gone from several hundred broken lines now down to just under 50. And, I’ve been bringing in quite a few drafts I’ve started on many different topics.

I don’t think this will take much longer. I’m thinking I’ll keep playing until about the end of January, and then be done with this phase.

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