Kruse Connections

I’ve mentioned several times lately that the Swanstroms have a yDNA connection to a German Kruse family. And I’ve thrown out a few thoughts, but no real details. Today, just a quick note about what I’m really thinking.

The soldier Petter Jönsson Cavat, born about 1732, lived in Gärdserum parish, He’s the earliest provable Swanstrom ancestor.

In nearby Vist parish there was a man named Petter Kruse. According to Rötters Anbytarforum, this Petter Kruse married 9 December 1720 to the maid Sara Olofsdotter.

This seems a promising lead. Petter Cavat cannot have been a son of Petter Kruse. Cavat had the patronymic Jönsson so his father must have been Jonas.

And Petter Cavat cannot have been a grandson of Petter Kruse and Sara Olofsdotter. They were married only 12 years before he was born.

But Petter Kruse might have had an earlier marriage and a son named Jonas. Or Petter Kruse might have had other relatives in the area.

I intend to follow up. As soon as I find a research strategy. I’ve been saying that for two years now but haven’t thought of anything. Now I’m putting it out in the world in case someone else wants to scoop me.

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