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Shut in because of the COVID-19 virus for a couple of weeks now. I’m catching up on some old genealogy chores, but I’m ready for some variety. Maybe this is the time to work through some of the online learning courses I’ve bookmarked.

I’ve spent I don’t know how many hours with YouTube videos. Mostly history and politics but also a big chunk of web development. I’ve also dabbled a bit with Coursera and FutureLearn.

Now I’m thinking that instead of browsing these sites for courses that might be interesting, maybe it would be more productive to think about what I want to learn then look for those things online.

I had a vague idea I saw an article about this on BBC awhile back. And, yes, here it is: Could micro-credentials compete with traditional degrees? Not really my goal here, but it shows the idea is in the air. Then too, I’m a fan of Dr. Jackson Crawford who has given some thought to the subject of online education. For example: Being a Good Learner (June 22, 2019), Online Video Education: Nine Principles (Nov. 8, 2019) and Education and Value: A Call to Adjuncts (Feb. 8, 2020). Now I don’t feel so bad about never getting that History PhD.

The courses I’m thinking about now are all at National Archives UK. (Caution: they use Flash.) I’m choosing these because I did Accelerated Latin as an undergrad, and loved it. I ran out of time to do Medieval Latin, then never doubled back for it. Also because my paleography skills suck. It remains to be seen whether I still have the self-discipline to start and finish.


Somehow I forgot about adding one of my new favorites.

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