Maybe I have too much time on my hands. One of the projects I was working on this week involved finding the ancestry of my dad’s best friend, Cleve Henry. One of my middle names — Cleve — is after this guy. He and my dad were cowboys together in the glory days of their … Read more

Extinct Romans

This is a piece from Masaman about different ethnic groups in the old Roman Empire. Toward the end there is a brief bit about the Etruscans and Rhaetians in the Alps. Of interest to the Hauri DNA project because our G-L42 haplogroup seems to be concentrated in this region and probably originated there. Masaman, Extinct … Read more

Utah Accent

For Pioneer Day, some quick examples of the Utah Accent, also called a Mormon Accent or a Pioneer Accent. It’s a little different from a standard American Midwest Accent. I don’t know why linguists so often ignore it. If you know how to hear it, you’ll find it in Utah, eastern Nevada, southern Idaho, southwestern … Read more

Findagrave Shenanigans

I’m increasingly convinced Findagrave is moving toward a naked power grab of our data. I learned this week that they have no scruples about taking away “added by” credit and giving it to someone else. Dates don’t actually matter. The point of altering the facts seems to be rewarding the people who add masses of … Read more


I think probably the first time I heard the term Cracker was in Gone With the Wind. Maybe it’s a Southern word. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it used by a Westerner, at least not un-self-consciously. Many people I’ve asked have no idea what it means even though most have heard it. I read … Read more

Tribal Heathenry

“What makes Tribal Heathenry so different from Neo-pagan Germanic organizations such as Odinism and Ásatrú? What does it stand for, and what are the main objectives of this movement within Heathenism?“ Arith Härger, “Tribal Heathenry“, YouTube (June 26, 2019). This video points out what should be obvious–neo-pagan reconstructionism is not the same as historical re-creation … Read more