Society for Creative Anachronism

Ken Mondschein at is saying good things about the SCA. No objections here, but it has me wondering how many medievalists have belonged to the Society of Creative Anachronism at some point. I did. Kind of. Maybe it would be more accurate to say I stopped by from time to time. I don’t think … Read more

A Better Diaspora

What does it mean — a better diaspora? I started thinking about this a couple of weeks ago when a friend who is Latina mentioned how often people are surprised when they find out she doesn’t speak Spanish. At the time I just laughed. I don’t speak Swedish or any of my other ancestral languages, … Read more

Banning Runes?

I don’t think Sweden is banning runes, although everyone is freaking out about a badly worded statement that opens the possibility they might. Part of the fight against racism. Good God. History With Hilbert, “Is Sweden Banning Runes?” YouTube (May 31, 2019)