Cutter Races

Cutter Races
Cutter Races, Jackson Hole, Wyoming

When I was a kid we used to go to the cutter races in Tremonton, Utah. Like chariot races but with sleds on snow. It’s a Wyoming and Utah thing.

After we moved away they’ve been a fond memory, something from my childhood most of the people I know have never heard of, much less watched.

Apparently, they’ve been waning in popularity. (So they say. I find that hard to believe.) I find scattered references online that show they’re still being held in Utah but the Jackson Hole Shrine Club in Wyoming cancelled theirs last year. Their February 2018 race would have been the 47th annual. There is no February 2019 race. That makes me unbelievably sad, although it’s been years since I lived close enough to go.

The Jackson Hole Shrine Club had some videos on their website (gone now, 2021). These aren’t quite what I remember. When I was a kid they used actual cutters, which are a type of sled. These are technically chariots even though they’re calling them cutters.

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