Pay to Play Indian

Did you know there was a time when you could pay to be Indian? I’m not sure about the reliability of this information but it has become a common meme about pretend Indians (“pretendians”).  “It may be fashionable to play Indian now, but it was also trendy 125 years ago when people paid $5 apiece … Read more

The Lament of the Swan

The Lament of the Swan Planctus Cygni Anon, French, 9th century Clangam, filii Ploratione una Alitis cygni, Qui transfretavit aequora. O quam amare Lamentabatur, aridaSe dereliquisse Florigera Et petisse alta Maria; Ajens: ‘Infelix sum Avicula, Heu mihi, quid agam Misera?Pennis soluta Inniti Lucida non potero Hic in stilla. Undis quatior, Procellis Hinc inde nunc allidor … Read more

An updated G tree

Here’s a new tree from the G-L497 group at FTDNA. It shows the position of our L497 branch on the human family tree. With increased testing we’re getting closer and closer to understanding where the different branches originated. Visit the FTDNA forum to get a better copy.