Casting a Medieval Horoscope

In modern astrology, there are so many disconnects with our medieval ancestors. Those differences fascinate me. If the subject interests you, read John Frawley, The Real Astrology (2001). One of my all-time favorites, for the humor as well as the content.

So, I’m pleased to see some detail on the subject from Seb Falk. Timely for me because I recently snagged a reprint of Geoffrey Chaucer, A Treatise on the Astrolabe from the store.

Falk says, “Most medieval horoscopes were based on their location in segments of the sky – the houses.  And dividing the sky into houses was no trivial matter.

There’s this whole thing about how to calculate the astrological houses, something I’m perpetually trying to understand. I don’t want easy generalizations. I want real details.

This piece comes closer than most. It’s worth reading the entire article:

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