Hehe. The war goes on.

Hehe. The war goes on. 


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  1. Cool. The exact position of the MRCA can fluctuate very easily due to outlier groups, but it is interesting that the canonical ~60 kya date through much of the 2000s was related to some interesting assumptions. Since it’s rather more recent than the ~150 kya Eve date, there was presumably a gender bias. Various hypothesis included that men have more offspring and are more competitive, thereby pushing out patri-lineages to extinction more quickly than matri-lineages. It is strange and wonderful to see the dates get revised just within the past couple years!

  2. The real story here is buried. Re-dating Adam is cool, yes, but that happens often enough not to be worth comment. Did you notice that Heritage Daily feels confident saying that Eran Elhaik “debunked Hammer’s previous work on the unity of the Jewish genome”? Elhaik’s work has been greeted with howls of derision about his methodology from the mainstream. He might turn out to be right, but it’s jaw-dropping to read such a confident endorsement of something that’s still being disputed.

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