Five Myths About Vikings

The five myths are: Vikings were dirty and unkempt Vikings wore horned helmets Vikings looked like we do today Vikings’ clothing style was admired throughout the world Vikings’ appearance was marked by battle wounds Do we need to elaborate? I don’t think so, but if you want to read more: Petersen , Irene Berg. “What … Read more

Morning Prayers

Salve Lar Familiaris!Salvete Di Penates! I’m fascinated by the different ways people think about and create home altars. “The first task for a new cultor Deorum is to establish a lararium. There is a process to it, in ritually cleansing the house and inviting your ancestors to visit your lararium. Usually it starts out simple. An image of … Read more

Rightful king of England

George Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence

“Rightful king of England dies”, The Mirror, July 5, 2012. On a slow news day the papers love these little stories. Even when it’s not a slow news day, everyone loves the Wars of the Roses. Back in the day, Edward IV (1442-1483) was the penultimate king of the Yorkist dynasty. The Wars of the … Read more

Last Pagans

Interesting new book: The Last Pagans of Rome by Alan Cameron. This online reviews says, “Cameron’s mission here is to topple once and for all the “myth” of a concerted resistance movement coordinated by a select group of late fourth-century pagan aristocrats to oppose Christianity’s infiltration of state and society. For more than four decades Cameron’s scholarship … Read more