Heinrich Vecht (c1773-c1822) was living in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania in 1820. He was a German, but his ancestry is otherwise unknown. He might have been a son of Peter Weicht, who immigrated from Silesia in 1753. His descendants anglicized their surname to Weight.

Lineal Genealogy

  1. Heinrich (Henry) Vecht (c1773-c1822), a farmer in Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania.
  2. Henry Weight (1811-1896), a farmer in Huntingdon County, Pennsylavnaia. He married Hannah Deck (1815-1885), daughter of Henry and Anna Maria (Pfeiffer) Deck.
  3. John Henry Weight (1840-1902), a miller in Nishnabotna, Missouri. He married Anna Elizabeth Hockenbery (1838-1910), daughter of Harmon and Mary (Linn) Hockenberry.
  4. Clara Etta Weight (1869-1940). She married James Robert Quillen (1853-1940).
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