Anton Walliser (1729-1800) was a German mercenary who served with the 60th Royal American Regiment, and later settled in New York. He was a Loyalist during the American Revolution. He and his family fled to Ontario, where they anglicized their name to Wallace. A generation later they returned to America, settled in Ohio, then moved west into Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Lineal Genealogy

  1. Jacob Wallis (c1704-?). He married Catharina Stensel (c1706-?), of Waldstätten, Baden-Württemberg, Germany.
  2. Anton Walliser (1729-1800), came to America as a mercenary in the pay of the British. He married Elizabeth (c1739-?).
  3. John Walliser (c1762-c1852), a farmer in Grenville County, Ontario. He married Christine Fell (c1775-?), daughter of Frederick and Catharina (Kuhlmann) Fell.
  4. David Wallace (1800-1881), a farmer in Lone Rock, Wisconsin. He married Lydia Ann Hitchcock (1806-1865), daughter of Elam and Catarina (Coons) Hitchcock.
  5. John Phillip Wallace (1825-bef 1900), a farmer in Marion County, Iowa. He married Almeda Ellithene Sherman (c1832-1870), daughter of Silas and Abigail (Lindsley) Sherman.
  6. Embrozina Wallace (1851-1924). She married Charles Hamilton Howery (1847-1918), a farmer in Fremont, Nebraska.

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  1. Hello! I found your blog when I was trying to find some more information about my family genealogy. I am from the same family line as listed above, only mine branches off from David Wallace. If records that I have found are to believed, I’m descendant from David Wallace’s son Emanuel Wallace (1822-1902). Emanuel’s son was James David Wallace (born 1874), and then his son was Guy Rola Wallace (who is my great grandfather). I was wondering if perhaps you know the family line beyond Jacob Wallis? I see that Jacob and his son and Anton were both from Germany. Does this mean that the Wallace line is actually Swiss/German (because of Walliser) or could it be Scottish because of Wallis? The multiple name changes have hampered my research. Thank you for your time!

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