von Jegenstorf Family

The von Jegenstorf family were Bernese ministerialen and nobles, first mentioned in 1131 with Otto and Kuno as Eigenleute of the Counts of Saugern. Their name comes from the castle of Jegenstorf. Their rights over Jegenstorf and around the Bielersee date from the 13th century. They were were Gefolgsleute of the Dukes of Zähringen and Counts of Neuenburg. After the extinction of the Zähringer it became common for such families to rise socially; about 1230 the Jegenstorf family were called nobles for the the first time, but it should be noted that this title became common in the region only about this time. Cuno von Jegenstorf was Schultheiss of Berne, 1225-26. The family was connected with the Counts of Buchegg and the Freiherren of Bremgarten, and probably also with the Freiherren of Schwanden. The family became extinct in the 14th century. (adapted from Historishes Lexikon der Schweiz)

In 1273 Hugo von Jegenstorf was a Canon at Beromünster.

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